Moodboards for Scrapbooking

This week, I thought I would try moodboards for scrapbooking. I've used moodboards in art journaling before, but this seemed like a really good way to get a color theme and ideas into my pocket pages! So before I dive in, maybe you're wondering what moodboards actually are? Moodboards are [...]

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Minimalist Scrapbooking Layouts

So I usually always struggle with minimalist scrapbooking layouts. I absolutely LOVE how they look, but I can't seem to leave my layouts alone. Usually I get started, and then ten hours later I have a huge multi-layered and very colorful scrapbook page. See my post on my trip to [...]

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Project Life 2017 Best Memories

I think I'm falling in love with the Project Life style of scrapbooking. It is SO easy, and so much fun. It's so satisfying looking back on pages I've completed afterwards. I cobbled together two pages of some of my favorite memories from 2017, using our new digital journal card [...]

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