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Hey Everyone!

I’m Victoria, and I am the founder of this website, Creative Passport.

I am British born and raised, but about three years ago happened to find myself in Colorado, and totally in love with the state. I currently live in the one and only BEAUTIFUL Boulder with my right-hand man (dog) named Walt!

I grew up with art and creativity in my family, but the last few years I’ve been pulled into a totally unrelated college degree and career. I’m now headed back to my creative roots, and with a bunch of you folk by my side, so we can all encourage each other to create!

Aside from art and creativity, my second love is travel. At my last count, I’ve visited 19 countries, and 12 states in the USA, which isn’t nearly enough!! My goal is one new country and one new state each year. I think that’s manageable, right?

Creative Passport serves to combine my two loves, and share these ideas with the world. Art and travel are the cornerstones of culture, and using art for keeping those memories alive just seems perfect to me.

If art and travel is also your jam, make sure you sign up for my email list, here!! I really want to use email to connect to others like myself, and so we can share our passions and keep each other accountable for making sure we’re creative each day.

I don’t want my email list to become just another email you delete. I really want to get to know you guys.

Don’t hesitate to give me a shout, or drop me a comment in one of the posts.

I look forward to getting to know you all!

Cheers, safe travels, and happy creating!

Victoria at Creative Passport
Hemingway Daily Art Journal Prompts

Travel Journaling

Visiting a new place is the most fun and easiest way to spark creativity. All of these new adventures to write about, pictures to take, buildings to draw, and culture to be inspired by.

Creative Passport offers hints, tips, and ideas for inspiration while you’re on the road!

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Art Journaling

Art journaling can be a great outlet for your creativity every day. It doesn’t have to be detailed, or difficult, or even “good”. The idea is that you feel more fulfilled having created something new each day.

Staying inspired every day can be difficult, and so Creative Passport offers new and exciting ideas to keep the ideas flowing.

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Triangles Daily Art Journal Prompts
Garden - Daily Art Journal Prompts


Scrapbooks are amazing ways to store memories of both travel and day-to-day life. Anything from photos, ticket stubs, to food wrappers! By keeping your memories organized and all in one place, you have the ability to go back and relive those moments. You also will have a blast creating your scrapbook too!

Creative Passport serves to spark inspiration for scrapbooking, including layouts and fun little ideas.


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